This is an application that can be customized to process inventory.
PHP programming language is being used.
Bootstrap framework is being used.
No warranties are provided with this software.
This application is being used for iOS inventory application.
The application has been designed to send files from the app to a computer that has been configured as server.
In the app settings, you can set the host or IP address. i.e.
This application can be used on Windows and Mac OS. Make sure that the right permissions are set.
The uploaded files are located on the bcisi/uploads directory.

Install Server

go to
On this website you will find XAMPP. This is a set of applications that include an Apache server, MariaDB, and PHP. It works on Windows and Mac.
On my Widnows machine I installed XAMPP on c:\xampp.
Before copying this application files, go to http://localhost to make sure you installed correctly.
You may need to start apache and the database from the XAMPP console. Once installed and running correctly, you can copy this application on c:\xampp\htdocs.
On the computer you can go to https://localhost/bcisi and you will see this information.

Create Database

Included is dbs255104.sql file. This file contains the data to create the database that could be used to load and process inventory.
From your http://localhost you can go to phpMyAdmin to administer the databases.
Create a new database and name it dbs255104 or any name you like. cgi-bin/config.php will need to be updated accordingly.
Select the dbs255104 database
Click the SQL tab
Copy the content of the dbs255104.sql file
Paste the content of the dbs255104.sql file onto the SQL tab.
Click Go
The following tables should have been created