View AuditPricebook.csv

  • File Name AuditPricebook.csv
  • Place file in folder icp/itemMaster
  • Example

    NO column headings in the file

    011522,004799585518,"I",1,"American Spirit Full Bodied Blue Box","FILTER","CARTON",0010,0094.5000,01,000015
    011522,000004799585508,"I",1,"American Spirit Full Bodied Blue Box","FILTER","CARTON",0010,0094.5000,03,000015
    011522,000004799585508,"I",1,"American Spirit Full Bodied Blue Box","FILTER","PACK",0001,0009.4500,03,000015
  • If the file is on a different format, it first it needs to be converted to this format.

The VIEW AUDITPRICEBOOK.CSV button shows the content of the file as is
The LOAD MASTER FILE reads the AuditPricebook.csv file and loads into the the database.
The VIEW MASTER FILE shows a table of the MASTER file as it is going to be loaded on the device. The table is searchable.
There are special searches available:
e0 shows quantities on hand equal to 0
b1-10 shows quantities between 1 and 10
b11-20 shows quantities between 11 and 20
b91-100 shows quantities between 91 and 100
g100 shows quantities greater than 100
deptX shows items in department X
catX shows items in category X

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